Job fair organizers, offer employers a way to search and download resumes gathered at career fairs:


- event resumes are processed and made available as a fast, searchable online database
- databases hosted on our servers, offering client a zero-maintenance experience
- 24-hour turnaround
- separate username and password for each event
- database page customized with job fair organizer's logo
- ability to simply keyword-search or run more complex Boolean searches
- separate page for tips on effective searching
- ability to download all resumes as one compressed file for storage or upload into employers' Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)
- resumes can be sent to us in any format (hard copy, electronic, fax)
- database link can be placed on job fair organizer's website
- option to have multiple username/password sets for each event database
- possibility of merging multiple databases in one (ex. "Midwest events"), creating a new sales venue for job fair organizer

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